Teachers Talk

  • Are you a parent of a high schooler?

  • Do you want to help your high schooler succeed academically?

  • Are you unsure of the benefits of extracurricular activities for your high schooler? 

  • Do you have questions about college transitions? 


It’s not you are incompetent and incapable. The truth of the matter is that you lack the knowledge needed to guide your high schooler through the uncertainties and transitions they face.  Coach Britney, The Teen Choice Coach, created an amazing telesummit just for you!


The Teachers Talk Telesummit is a four (4) day telesummit that is designed to help parents of high school students guide their student through the uncertainties of high school.  This telesummit will give you secrets from educators to help you help your teenager navigate smoothly through these critical years. The Event will provide interviews with specific action items to help you enhance your child’s academic success.


The event will be held virtually.  The sessions start January 15, 2017- January 19, 2017


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