Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Author

Britney R. Dent, The Teen Choice Coach,™ helps students go from good to great. Coach Britney helps students by coaching them to make the best choices for their health, academics, and relationships. Britney has helped numerous young people overcome the unique challenges that were keeping them from achieving greater success.

Coach Britney grew up in in a small town as a preacher’s kid. During her youth, she did some pretty amazing things like, win Miss Congeniality and Runner Up in several beauty pageants, won homecoming queen in high school, made the honor roll or Principal’s list every year, and only missed three days of school from kindergarten through the12th grade. Coach Britney graduated with high honors and went to college free for the first two years because of earning academic scholarships. But like every one, Coach Britney had some challenges that she had to learn to overcome.

Best Choices Lead to Your Student's Best Life

Before earning a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Coach Britney changed her major three times, dropped out of college to join the military, got married, and had two children. Coach Britney eventually became a high school English teacher. This is where her passion began in wanting to help students be successful in and out of the classroom. Through the lessons she learned, Coach Britney wanted to help students have success in their lives. Coach Britney understood that her students had and would continue to have some difficult choices to make along life’s way, so she wanted to be able to help them strive to always make the BEST choices for their lives.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, Minor in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Special Education K-12 Certification
  • Secondary English/Language Arts Certification
  • Common Core 11th grade Trainer
  • Academically Gifted Inclusion Teacher
  • Exceptional Children's Teacher
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified
  • HandsonNW & Wake Forest University Women's Emerging Leaders Graduate