Parenting Redefined: Finding the Confidence to Parent Your Teen


If you are a parent of a teenager who is looking for advice, then this powerful and insightful book is just for you. In Parenting Redefined, Coach Britney reveals how to have a better relationship with your teenager by supplying testimonials and research in order to provide hope for those parenting through the teenage years.

In this engaging book, Coach Britney provides the 4 key strategies you need to implement to understand your teenager, enjoy your teenager, and guide your teenager to success. She shares the importance of being proactive, gaining clarity, maintaining positivity, and developing a plan. The content and principles Coach Britney shares in this book are the same she uses to guide her clients to make the best choices in their lives to improve their academics, health, and relationships. With this book, you can gain confidence and receive hope to not only survive parenting a teenager but to thrive as you REDEFINE your role as a parent!

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